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Article: Secrets of understanding women

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9005 Secrets of understanding women
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22 April, 2014
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Understand what a woman needs, is the shortest way to her heart. How to understand woman and win her heart? It's simple ...
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Article by Alicia, Secrets of understanding women

"Understand what a woman needs, is the shortest way to her heart. Women talk a lot. They like to do it, they are very rarely silent. If your woman is stopped suddenly, it is an alarming bell. So, she was offended. Also, women love to complain, but you have to be a listener. Do not try to find a solution to all problems, all you have to do - give your attention. If she ask for advice, tell her. It is simple, but adds a lot of points you. Want to hypnotize a woman? Give her romance. Whisper in her ear gentle words, bathe her compliments, kiss her unexpectedly. All women are different, but all of them need only one thing - a romantic madness every day. Yes, it's very important for them. A woman can not live without evidence of your feelings, she should see a confirmation of your love every minute. Never mind that in the morning you said that you love her, it is necessary to repeat in sms from work and in the evening with flowers. This nature has made them so, and nothing will change for many more centuries. Learn how to show emotions and your woman will never leave you. "