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Article: ‚??Must see‚?Ě places in the city centre of Kiev

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9012 ‚??Must see‚?Ě places in the city centre of Kiev
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24 April, 2014
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First time in Kiev? Than you should visit this most popular touristic places in Kiev centre. The most beautiful places in the center of Kiev will impress your imagination and make you fall in love with this city.
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Article by Julia,

"Independence Square and Independence Monument Independence Square (Maydan Nezalezhnosti) - is the central square of Kiev. Maydan is the main venue for important events of the whole of Ukraine. So, in 2004, Maydan became the venue of the Orange Revolution. Its name - Independence Square - received after the proclamation of independence of Ukraine in 1991. Right under the square is built large shopping mall ""Globus"", which has become a popular place not only for residents of Kiev and guests of the capital. August 24, 1991 Ukraine became an independent country. 10 years later, in memory of this day, Independence Monument was installed at the Independence Square in Kiev. Its exact location is very easy to identify - it is in the middle of the square and rises above all other buildings. Independence Monument - is an epic column, the top of which is decorated with a statue of a woman holding guelder rose - Bereginya. The total height of the monument is 62 m, height of figures - 10 m. Bereginya made of bronze, its weight reaches about 20 tons. Monument combines two styles - the Empire and Ukrainian Baroque. European square and Arch of Friendship Now the European square is one of the most important places in the city. It is located in the heart of the capital, on the northeast end of the main street of Kiev - Khreschatyk. European Square in Kiev has played, and to this day continues to play an important role in the lives of citizens and visitors. As known, here often took place political demonstrations, protests, different advertising and political rallies. Now it is one of the cultural and historical centers of the city, because Ukrainian House, hotel ""Dnepr"", National Philharmonic and well-known Arch of Friendship are located here. Rainbow arch connects two sculptural groups, according to the authors and symbolizes the unity of the fraternal peoples: Ukrainians and Russian. People's Friendship Arch is located in a wonderful place, right behind the monument so organized observation deck, which offers magnificent views of the Dnipro and its Left Bank. Mikhailovskaya Square and its sights: Monument of Princess Olga, St. Sophia Cathedral Since the XII century Mikhailovskaya Square was the scene at which the fateful events that are important for our country and the Ukrainian people took place. Mikhailovskaya Square is one of the oldest in Kiev. It was formed in the XII century, before entrance to St. Michael Cathedral. All know the history of Old Russian Princess Olga, who ruled Slavic nation for several years. During her reign she has significantly expanded the territory, defended Kiev from the Pechenegs and was one of the first Christs in Old Russia. Therefore, a monument of Princess Olga takes a worthy place the heart of Kiev. Composition of the monument to Princess Olga consists of three pieces, mounted on a pedestal of pink granite. In the middle Princess Olga itself, to the right - Apostle Andrew, to the left - enlighteners of our nation - Cyril and Methodius. St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev - is magnificent building, reminiscent of the times of the Kiever Rus. Among all the treasures of Kyiv Saint Sophia Cathedral is one of the leading places. This structure is the greatest monument of Old Russian and Byzantine architecture. St. Sophia Cathedral is famous for its unique mosaics and numerous frescoes of 11th century. Currently Sophia Cathedral holds 260 square meters of mosaics and over 3000 square meters of frescoes. Andreevsky descent Andreevsky Descent - is undoubtedly the most worldwide famous street of Kiev. When tourists come to town, the first thing they do, they go for a walk on Andreevsky descent. And local residents do not miss the opportunity to stroll along this street. It's kind of street-museum. Andreevsky descent is one of the oldest streets of Kiev. At any time of the year at Andreevsky descent you can see artists demonstrating their works, wood products, porcelain, antique items, lots of coins, medals, and all other handicrafts. On Andreevsky descent always take place art exhibitions and art festivals. You can hear street musicians and watch costumed performance under the open sky. On Andreevsky descent are located several other attractions of Kiev: St. Andrew's Church, Richard's Castle and others. "

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