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Article: Benefits of Coffee date

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9014 Benefits of Coffee date
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25 April, 2014
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How to find your perfect match not losing time. What are the benefits of short meetings with lot of ladies? And the main question: what suits you better coffee dates or ordinary personal meeting?
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Article by Milena, Benefits of Coffee date

"Meeting with someone you never had seen is big step and not everyone has enough courage for it. The main problem is: you can plan your meeting whole month, write emails and messages, make some ideals in your head, but when you come to the meeting you understand in first 30 seconds â?? this is not you are looking for. Maybe it is for better you understand immediately everything, than you donâ??t need to waste your time thinking if this person is your soul mate or not. You do not feel special chemistry between your hearts. But more girls you meet, more possibilities you get to find woman for life. Coffee date or lunch time meeting â?? no one is under pressure what to dress (especially women) or where to go. The meeting cans last 30 minutes or 1 hour, but it is enough to understand if something real can start from this moment. If you feel chemistry rages in you inside, invite your lady for dinner not later than the same day â?? next step to your dream -chose good restaurant to show your interest to her. Coffee Date is the best way to recognize your type of woman, not losing time stocked in restaurant or club communicating with the person, whom you will say later: â??Maybe we can be just friendsâ? . Perhaps such coffee date seems to be not real date, but it is also one of the methods, that help to find your match quickly. "