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Article: Why would I want to marry a Ukrainian woman?

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9019 Why would I want to marry a Ukrainian woman?
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22 March, 2014
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Many men want to marry a woman from Ukraine. What is the secret of Ukrainian women and why our brides are so popular around the world?
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Article by Alicia, Why would I want to marry a Ukrainian woman?

"Everyone knows that the most beautiful women are Ukrainian women and don‚??t argue with that. But there are stereotypes that we want to consider. Some foreigners are confident in the fact that we wear embroidered shirt and dance gopak. And in turn we believe in non-existent habits Englishwomen, Germans, French women and representatives of other nationalities. So who are they really your wife? Try to find out the truth... Germans. Their motto is: ‚??You have only one life‚?Ě. So take everything from it. Getting new experiences and knowledge - the meaning of life Germans. They never leave the country without visiting all excursions and tasting all the national dishes in the restaurant. Frenchwoman. What do you notice in a man when we first met? 65% of French women believe that perfume, which is used by young man, tell all about him. Englishwoman . Girls from the provinces - the dream of any metropolitan men. The further away from the major cities, the prim Englishwoman, have a habit of going to church, dress modestly, almost never use cosmetics and prefer to devote their whole life to her husband and children. Swede. Young Swedish women prefer dark clothes. Old Swede never sit on the benches in front of the house and do not wash up bones neighbors. Japanese women. Despite everything said about Japanese wives, they see themselves as leaders in the house and did supervise own husbands. Apparently they have learned well the one truth ""My husband - the head, and his wife - neck"" and so skillfully use it in practice that their husbands just do not notice. Ukrainian women. Surprisingly, foreigners married to a Ukrainian, not because they are great hostess, and because we can cuddle, caress and do not skimp exercise all our affection for beloved husband. Neither Swedish, German or English woman once again not to pat and kiss. Perhaps that is why we have frequent marriages with polkas, tailandkami and Brazilian. Men soul asks tenderness!"