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5433 Olga

Birthdate:12 May, 1985

Family:never been married







Employment:financial manager

Language:fluent English, basic German

Olga from Kiev, Ukraine. Interested in marriage never been married

I have a creative and romantic personality, with a piece of adventuress and curious mind. I believe in notions of respect and kindness, compassion and loyalty. I am a tolerant and open minded person, I treat opinions and views of others with understanding and respect. My friends value me as a good friend who can always help. I am a caring and loving person, for me it is very important to cover my close ones with care and attention. I like creating comfort for my close ones with my deeds and words. I can say that I am a giving person with an open soul. Of course, we all are not perfect, I work at myself and devote enough time to my inner world and its development. Hobbies: dancing, playing tennis, swimming, love sea and nature, meeting friends, spending time my a family. Like attending concerts, watching films in a cinema and plays in theatre. I like traveling a lot and even weekend trip in the new area, in the country can be of big like for me. I really like being on the nature, eating barbeque or just walking. I can also say that I also like city activities, going out in the theatre, concert, exhibition or going out for a dance. I like inviting friends, cooking something tasty for them and sharing our life news. Man of my dreams: I am looking for an active and positive person with a desire to discover and to learn more in this world. I am dreaming about reliable person in my life, person who can also give, not just to take. Of course, we should share our interests and hobbies and of course, can enjoy our individual ones. I am looking for the unity of our souls and hearts, of our life goals and dreams, it is very important for us to move in one direction in life and to be the biggest support for each other no matter what we have to overcome in life. I wish to feel a lady close to a strong man whom I can always rely upon and who won’t give up in case of some difficulties.

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