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6062 Irina

Birthdate:19 April, 1986

Family:never been married







Employment:journalist, fitness coach

Language:fluent English

Irina from Poltava, Ukraine. Fun and active never been married

I am not like everyone, be sure in it. I am kind and romantic, but have strong will at the same time. If I put a goal for myself I usually reach it. I am serious about relationship, and real friend, I think highly of people according to their merits and can not stand gossips. I wend my way through life, like a strong personality and only several people know that I also can be weak. I am not an ideal, but pretty close) Despite, I am a little tiny girl, I can not imagine my life without sport I run every evening in the park, I take part in cycle racings and several years go for belly dances. My future profession is journalist thats why Im knowledgeable about last events in the world in political and social life. I write little stories and articles and publish them in newspapers. I enjoy myself with photographing, watching football matches and favorite films, I read a lot, but do not think from this description that Im pain in the neck, that is not truth.:) I still believe in knights.:) Of course, in quotes.:) He can have nothing in his wallet, but to be rich in his soul, he should know how is it - to be a human. He should be able to trust and to forgive, to be honest and kind. To laugh and crick jokes, but the main to be himself.

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