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6269 Viktoriia

Birthdate:07 May, 1991

Family:never been married








Language:intermediate English

Viktoriia from Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Charming and attractive lady never been married

I am 100% optimistic person and I never give up! I truly believe that life is beautiful and I know how to make it even better. I have a lot of goals and dreams, and I'm working hard to make them come true. In the future I dream of writing a book about the relationship between men and women. My favorite theme, which I set out on paper - of course, love. I'm a music lover. I like so much live music and respect the creativity of street musicians. They play with their heart. The most valuable thing in life - family. First one, in which you were born, then - your own. I collect magnets, because honestly believe, that with each magnet from another city or country - I bring a piece of that country. My soul is open and the thirst for new feelings. It's the best time in your life, when you're in love. Do you agree with me? I want to say, that I am a very fragile woman, who needs real love and care. I need a strong man to protect me, to cherish me and to value our relations. I am not looking for a prince or millionaire, I am simply looking for an honest person, who will love, understand and respect me. When I find my beloved man, I will become the sun for him: will give him shine everyday and warm him up with all my pure heart. When you have my heart - never in your life you will regret it. I am sure, that life is very difficult thing, but together we can go through all the troubles to build a strong family, based on infinite love. And it will be our wealth!

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