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6273 Anzhela

Birthdate:17 August, 1979








Employment:teacher, child psychologist

Language:good English

Anzhela from Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Serious and charming divorced

My close friends say, I am a kind-hearted and reliable person. Sometimes I think, that my heart is totally full of tender feelings and emotions, that need to be shared with my soulmate. It is really important - I do not like and try to argue. I like to stay calm, but at the same time I am expressive and I am not shy, because of it. I can smile or be sad, but I am who I am, as life gives us different situations every day. I am real, I am a woman and I am proud to be such a person. I am not perfect, but I can easily understand other people and that is what makes me a good person. I like reading and listening to music and I really enjoy spending time outdoors. It can be winter or summer, but I will always do something or go for a walk, because I prefer active lifestyle. I cannot sit at one place. Life is full of interesting things and moments and I believe we have to live, like we live the last day of our life. I just need a man to share my life with. I promise that he will always be happy with me. I am interested in art. I like going to watch art-exhibitions. My main hobby is interior design, I can make our home with my man very cozy, comfortable, the home to which he will be very happy to come back every day) I am interested in psychology, sports, traveling, nature, animals, self education, meeting with friends, spending time with my family and relatives. What I am looking in my partner..? My man is my man. He doesn't have any special description, he is sincere and kind, he wants to be with me and he will do everything to love me, as I will give him my heart forever and love him forever! I hope to meet a kind man, who will never make me suffer, I will be glad to build strong relationships, based on trust and respect. I need a man, who is mature enough to start relationship for lifetime, I do not need short affairs. I need to feel the connection between us, it's not necessary that we have something in common, maybe we have different interests, but I want us to understand each other at a glance, you know what I mean?

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