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Birthdate:14 January, 1987


Children:son, 2009







Language:basic English

Marina from Poltava, Ukraine. Charming and beautiful single

I have green eyes, did you notice? During the witch hunts of 16th and 17th century, some women were burned at the stake for their green eyes as it was seen as a sign of guilt of witchcraft. They were so wrong! On the contrary, I am very calm, not quick-tempered. I will not break the dishes against the wall or on your head like an Italian wife just because I broke the nail or I saw you talking to other woman )) I like to build plans for the future, I am not that kind of woman who is living the moment. I like family comfort, I create coziness. But on the other side, I always look good, even when I am at home and nobody sees me! A woman should always look stunning and her reflection in the mirror should always smile) One of my favorite quotes of Coco Chanel is “Not every woman is born beautiful, but if she does not become that by the age of 30 - she's just plain stupid.” I need a man, who will not hide anything from me, who will be frank and honest with me. I would like to meet a man, who is not lazy and doesn't like to sit around, he always finds an useful job or hobby for himself. He likes to spend time with family, it is a pleasure for him to go to an amusement park, enjoy simple funny things like buying and eating sweet cotton, winning toys or just going to the playground, laughing and riding on a swing like teenagers. We all are kids inside and always stay them, so I would like to see his childish side of soul too. But also he should be able to provide a good life for his family and have a job that he loves. I would not be interested in a man, who is sitting at home all the time and playing video games.

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