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6368 Tatiana

Birthdate:25 October, 1991








Employment:make-up artist

Language:basic English

Tatiana from Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Romantic and wonderful lady single

"My personality is calm-tempered, sentimental, caring, easygoing and hardworking. I am a responsive, smiling, and open lady. I like to look after myself and wear good and stylish clothes. I learn from my mistakes, I am able to change myself and adapt to new situations. My character is diplomatic. I try to avoid conflicts and find compromises. I like to open new horizons and travel. For me it is important, that things are in a good order. I enjoy cooperation and communication. I love animals, spiritual comfort, arts. I like to inspire people, design and create new things, travel. I enjoy being outdoors, swimming, sincere talks, eating out and laughing. My man should be kind, responsible, generous, caring, romantic. In the meantime he should be purposeful, confident and persistent. I believe, that all of us have bad and good features. I want to find a man, whom I will truly love for good and bad. A man I want to find should be serious, reliable, and compassionate. I want to travel with my beloved man, open new things about each other, have long talks, go to picnics, museums, cinema. I just want to enjoy our time together. We should have some things for ourselves also. But both of us should keep relations as a priority. I donít think that relations can last long without friendship and compassion. We should find common points and find compromises in conflict situations."

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