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6376 Olga

Birthdate:12 May, 1989








Employment:sport coach

Language:good English

Olga from Poltava, Ukraine. Active and beautiful single

I am a goal-oriented person, I enjoy the process of achieving my plans. Regardless of what it is, I get a lot of pleasure from achieved results. I am hard working, as I believe that work helps us see the essence of things and acts, helps us to develop ourselves. I am fond of sports and outdoor activities, I like driving a car. Also I get special pleasure from traveling. For me, the most attractive in a man is an ability to listen, care for and appreciate a beloved one. For me it is very important to spend the quality time with a person. I think, that frank and sincere conversation is always better than a lot of smiles. Of course, man is a person of action, not just words. Nothing shows and proves a man's intentions more than his actions.

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