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Birthdate:29 April, 1991









Language:good English

Yuliia from Poltava, Ukraine. Charming and attractive lady single

"Life revolves tirelessly, like a wheel of a bicycle. Every day pleases us with something new and unexplored things. I am a positive person, my friends say, that I look like a nice little bunny, from advertising of Duracell) I do not argue... As you see, I also have a sense of humor. I could never understand people, who are sad all the time and do not see a light in situation. I work in a hotel, I do visage and organize photosessions. In the past I've been working as a model for 8 years, now I am more attracted to creating interesting photos of models and help them with makeup. I like traveling and learning new things about different countries, their traditions and history. A special pleasure comes to me from reading books – it is like plunging into a completely different world. I am not looking for a knight or a prince ... Although ... Who knows ... In fact, I do not have any criteria for a chosen one, for me it will be enough, that my future man will know and understand the notion of words ""humanity, honesty and kindness."" For me, generosity is important. After all, to give one’s love to the chosen one, a person should be generous. I want to create a happy relationship with a person, who does really want to have relationship."

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