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6480 Alina

Birthdate:21 October, 1991


Children:daughter, 2012






Employment:call center operator

Language:English with interpreter

Alina from Rivne , Ukraine. Active and beautiful divorced

I am such as I am, self-sufficient, without moral, material and ethical problems. If you run, it's fast. If you fly, it's high. If you love, it's forever. For me, the highest values are always friends, freedom, love, family and life. I always try to enjoy life, help others, and believe in miracles. To live today, enjoy every minute of our lives, because every day is a gift from God. My man is not a set of qualities and material baggage. This is the man next to whom I will feel desirable, most beautiful and just happy. The man, who will love my daughter, just like me. I want him to be an accomplice in achieving our happiness.

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