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6512 Olga

Birthdate:21 January, 1998








Employment:IT specialist

Language:English with interpreter

Olga from Kharkov, Ukraine. Romantic and wonderful lady single

"I like spending my free time reading books, especially detectives. I enjoy the time on nature, especially at the country house, in the company of my close people. What could be better than having a nice conversation near the fire in the evening, huh? I love cooking) Despite my love for cooking, I am a slim girl, because I am very passionate about sports, especially dancing. Still, I am attracted with stars, I study astronomy. I have a romantic and open nature. I try to remain polite in any situation. I am responsive, friendly and sunny person, that is why my friends like spending time in our summer house. I hope to find a purposeful man, who knows what he wants, who confidently goes to his goal. Relationship between a man and a woman for me - it is understanding, the efforts of both of people to be accepted and become better together in relationship. Devotion to each other and, of course, loyalty, strengthen the relationship."

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