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6555 Elena

Birthdate:27 March, 1993









Language:English with interpreter

Elena from Kharkov, Ukraine. Charming and attractive lady single

"“A sunshine ray, a girl with a radiant smile” - that is how my friends describe me. I am a sincere and kind woman. I prefer to look at life with a smile and that is why I think life becomes much brighter. Time is very important for me, I always appreciate the time of others, because it is one of the most important components of our life. I prefer to tell the truth and not to hide my emotions, that that is why I am a charming girl. I like travelling, learning and discovering something new. Nature is my passion, I find harmony and pacification spending time on nature. Especially I like picnics with friends and my closer people. Of course, there is sport in my life, healthy food and even going to the movies. Many books are written and millions of trainings created on theme “How to build healthy and strong, happy and passionate relationships”. No, I didn't read them all, I just went through the reviews. The essence of all of them is that, if there is a desire to be in a relationship, and, if this desire is mutual, crises and difficulties are not terrible for the couple in the future. It is important for me, that my future man would like to be in relationship with me, to be with me. For me, reciprocity, understanding, sincerity, the ability to talk about emotions, feelings are important basic things in relationship. I am sure, that words confirmed by actions are much more eloquent than anything else. If to choose between a word and an action, it's better for me to act. How would you act in relationship with your woman?"

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