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6560 Lyudmila

Birthdate:06 September, 1988


Children:son, 2013






Employment:real estate agent

Language:English with interpreter

Lyudmila from Kharkov, Ukraine. Charming and smart single

"Please, don't think, that I am a perfect woman. I have a strong-willed character, but I don't like manipulating. I value honesty and sincerity in people. I really like receiving guests at my house. I adore singing and that is why once a week we are sure to gather with friends in karaoke and sing with all our hearts. I fond of sports and a healthy, or even better, delicious lifestyle. Therefore, I run every morning and eat up delicious things. I am kidding! Of course, I run every morning. I like swimming. It relaxes muscles well and at the same time keeps the body in a god shape. I don't believe in idealism and perfection. I believe in sensuality and the desire to find happiness with a person, who in turn wants to be happy with you. I think, that relationship between a man and a woman is not based on some instructions about creating and maintaining relationships. The most important are desire and wish to be close to the person, who fills the world with colors for you... Moreover, if there is passion, care, sincerity and joy of humor - then, perhaps, this is a happy love."

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