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6589 Mariia

Birthdate:02 August, 1997








Employment:hairdresser and make-up artist

Language:basic English

Mariia from Kremenchug, Ukraine. Smart and serious single

"Sometimes I'm very shy and modest. But it's only because I don't know people well. When I get to know people better, I can be more open. I like walking down the street and listening to music. Then the whole world can get a lot of good mood because I can sing loudly. The main thing is not to stand close to me, because I sing not very well, ahahah) Since I am a hairdresser and a make-up artist, this is my hobby. I like my job. This is to my liking. Sometimes I invite my friends over and we experiment with hair and make-up. My desire is to find a man older than me, because a man, who is older, is more confident in his desires. He definitely needs to know that he wants to create a serious relationship. Also, a man, who is older than me, has much more experience, that is very important in a relationship. You must know that I adore eating delicious food! Therefore, I think that my man must also love it. If he doesn't know how to cook, it is not terrible. But it would be good if he could cook. Because my man should be ready for the fact that it is difficult to feed me ahahah) In fact, I want our goals to coincide."

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