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6626 Larisa

Birthdate:11 March, 1972


Children:son, 1990






Employment:nail master

Language:some English

Larisa from Kharkov, Ukraine. Romantic and wonderful lady divorced

Cornflower blue eyes, platinum blond hair, royal posture. I guess, my profile photos are telling you: «This woman is full of grace and elegance!» And you know, that is totally true! There is no mistake here, I respect myself, I love my body, it is a body of a Goddess. I am convinced, that every woman is a goddess, but not every girl knows this. So you, men, please, remind us this, at least from time to time and moisture us like priceless flowers, ok? We are fading without compliments. My heart is full of love, I am not an Ice Queen, far from that. I like animals, especially dogs, nature is big source of energy for me. The most pleasure is doing pilates in nature. If you felt something, while reading these words, I invite you on a date and maybe later something more, maybe spend lifetime together? It should be chemistry between you and me. When we will start talking, it will be clear. I am a person of emotions and feelings. I will feel comfortable with the same kind of person, but maybe I need my total opposite to make balance. I know, for sure, my man should be kind-hearted and respectful to others. Evil heart is the biggest misfortune. Be honest, be sincere, do not hide anything and don't be shy to meet me.

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