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6638 Tatiana

Birthdate:16 December, 1989









Language:good English

Tatiana from Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Charming and attractive lady single

"I can be the sunshine for my man. I am a peace maker, a romantic, optimistic and very kind lady. Every new day I see as a new opportunity to improve my life, expand myself as a person and to become better, than yesterday! I am easy-going, friendly and open, but I can be a little shy sometimes. I don't need stars from the sky and I am not looking for fairy tales in my life - I am simply dreaming of finding my happiness. I love life! I believe, that a positive and stimulating atmosphere is something, that helps you to become better. I have many interests, that fill my life. I adore travelling, nature, sport, listening to violin music, but my favorite hobby is cooking, so the delicious food is waiting for you!))) Iím looking for a family-oriented man, who is ready for a long-term relationship and who wants commitment in his life. The man, who dreams of cozy family evenings and warmth of a united family. I would like to meet a man with a kind and compassionate heart, who has a purpose in his life and makes everything to make it real. A man, who constantly develops himself and moves forward causes me a feeling of admiration and a desire to go along with him. Some people believe, that they could be ideal for their beloved. But everyone thinks differently. As for me, there are no ideal people. "

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