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6652 Karina

Birthdate:14 June, 1986








Employment:financial analyst

Language:some English

Karina from Kharkov, Ukraine. Serious and charming single

"I'm an energetic, cheerful, responsible, intelligent and confident girl. I treat people, their choices and thoughts with respect and understanding. I am calm and reasonable, and it helps me to treat all problems easily. I like receiving guests, especially relatives and friends. But sometimes in the heat of the evening I really want to sleep. Nobody takes offense at me because they understand that I am tired. Sometimes they even joke that all I have to do is touch the pillow and I will fall asleep. And let the orchestra play near me, the elephants march, I will still be sleeping) For me, relationship is a mutual affection of two people. I have a wish and desire to meet a man, who would want to have a relationship and who would want to work on relationship. If people want something with all their heart - this desire will definitely become true. "

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