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6675 Tatiana

Birthdate:21 January, 1987


Children:son, 2014







Language:some English

Tatiana from Poltava, Ukraine. Active and optimistic single

"My personality is calm, positive and very optimistic. I'm one of those people, who think that the cup is half full than empty. I'm a very hardworking person and I adore my job. I am also a very modern woman in everything, but I still think that family is the most important thing in life. Despite the tight schedule I always find time for my son, my parents and good friends. I'm sociable and easy-going, I like laughing and joking. I have a kind heart, I like animals and have a little pet - my Yorkshire Terrier dog Richie. What I really like to do is sports. I keep myself in a good shape. As a masseuse I know very well how to be beautiful and fit. Sports is a big part of my life, especially fitness and swimming. I like travelling to warm countries, but I still have a dream of visiting Paris and Venice. I like reading classical literature and listening to classical music. Another my passion is driving different cars, I have several categories of driving license, so I can easily drive cars, trucks and even buses! Can you believe in that?:) My beloved one should be honest, responsible and romantic. I don't think that age or appearance is important if the person is kind, loving and supportive. The real meeting is very important for me."

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