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7518 Nadezhda

Birthdate:26 April, 1988


Children:daughter 2010







Language:basic English

Nadezhda from Kharkiv, Ukraine. Active and funny divorced

I am sociable, sincere, lively and emotional. Strong and sensitive. I love to joke and hug. I like helping people, so I chose the profession of a psychologist. I love my daughter, socializing with friends, listening to music and being in nature. I like to learn something new, expand my horizons. I want to share my joy, care and my emotions. I am interested in other people, and at the same time I myself love attention and communication. My value: to be sincere and real. I can be hot-tempered and mischievous, a little. I see a kind, strong-willed, calm man next to me. Smart, conscious and humorous. Caring, loving. Capable of serious relationships, family and spiritual closeness. Realized in his business, wealthy and generous. For whom heart-to-heart communication, spending time together and a comfortable life are important. As well as travel and development.

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