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7906 Ruslana

Birthdate:04 June, 1987


Children:son 2013, daughter 2011







Language:fluent Spanish, basic English and Poland

Ruslana from Madrid, Ukraine. Lovely and funny single

Life circumstances forced me to spend more time at work to give my children everything they need. I am a person who, in difficult situations, knows how to find a way out. Despite the lack of time, I always play sports and prefer a healthy diet. I love to cook, I am interested in vegetarianism. I dream of achieving my goals in life. I hope to find someone with whom I can share my interests and who will support me in my striving for a better future. My ideal man is self-confident, decent, modest, with the power of Will, neat, self-critical, demanding in relation to himself. Fair, principled, benevolent, tolerant, with observance of the word, honest, sincere, generous, who knows how to respect others. Purposeful, persistent, hardworking, organized, self-reliant, attentive, disciplined. In relation to the environment: caring, neat, thrifty, humane, responsible, attentive. A person who knows how to chiniti for an hour and do not waste it. Active, smart, with a sense of humor. Should carefully put to the person with whom he is building a relationship.

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