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7918 Yulia

Birthdate:31 August, 1981









Language:basic English

Yulia from Lviv, Ukraine. Active and funny single

Of course, I have certain complexes and stereotypes. since Soviet childhood. But I think I have a pretty compromise and flexible nature. Therefore, I think that in a relationship there should always be a dialogue, the ability to listen and hear. So, a person from another country, it is not easy. There is a language barrier and translation difficulties, there is a moment of a different mentality, upbringing and cultural needs. In this case, building relationships is a difficult task. But I am ready to connect my life with a husband from abroad, I am very close to their mentality and attitude to the family. I dream of a man with whom we will have respect, common interests and mutual understanding. Complete harmony!!! I think this is possible in our time :) I dream of meeting a man who wants to have a full-fledged family! Have a wife who will be a friend and partner for him. He should have a desire to give birth to children together, a desire to spend time together, be interested in the interests of a partner, have mutual friends, help in everyday life and financially, support in difficult life situations. If possible, travel together.

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