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8079 Inga

Birthdate:07 July, 1984








Employment:tour operator

Language:good English

Inga from Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine. Friendly and funny single

I am energetic and lively, feminine and sophisticated, I have my own innate sense of style, although I never chase fashion. I am definitely very friendly, empathic, kind. It is easy to offend a person like me, so I really appreciate my family and friends, who love me and appreciate who I am. I like dances, for example, lady style, and indeed if I hear somewhere music that I like, then my legs can start dancing by themselves :) Now there are many interesting books and articles about esotericism, I love reading something like that and thinking about the meaning of life. I often experiment in cooking and can surprise my man with something special. I am a fan of travel, I want the list of countries in which I have been to become longer because each new country is a new experience, new emotions, a new me. I dream of meeting my soul mate and living together in mutual understanding and great love. My portrait of a man is very classic: kind, loving, caring. I rely more on my first opinion about a man and on my feelings when we are together. What I really really want to see in my chosen one is confidence in his actions and honesty in any life circumstances.

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