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8116 Olga

Birthdate:07 October, 1985


Children:daughter 2017







Language:good English, Italian

Olga from Kherson, Ukraine. Smily and nice single

The most important thing in life is understanding who you really are. Only by knowing himself, a person firmly understands what is truly important to him. My name is Olga. I work at the university as an English teacher. I am the mother of the most charming princess in the world and I know for sure that the best thing we can give to our children is a worthy personal example. I spend a lot of time with daughter. I have a variety of hobbies, I travel a lot. I do not have much free time. I like to laugh and have fun. I'm never sad, I don't have time for that. I am an optimist, and at the same time, I believe that good will still defeat evil. I like to study, I read a lot. I have friends, and I also try to meet them when it is possible. I love my family very much, I think that family is above all. I also like dogs very much and since childhood I dreamed of having my own shelter for dogs. On weekends I go to church. I think a man speaks for his actions and behavior. He doesn't need to be beautiful like a woman. All people are different, but real men are visible in their manners and attitude towards women and children, towards their parents. I respect men, it is interesting with them, due to the fact that they rationally look at things in most cases without emotions, without unnecessary gestures. Not all, of course, but in my family they are. That's why I'm looking for such a man, who is calm, balanced, tactful.

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