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8275 Natalia

Birthdate:08 October, 1964


Children:son 1985






Employment:hair dresser

Language:basic English

Natalia from Zaporozhie, Ukraine. Active and nice divorced

"As you have noticed by my interests I am versatile person. I am also kind, calm and compassionate. I enjoy being thoughtful and responsive to closest people. Everyday I am willing to listen and to support my soul mate. No doubt reliable companion share all kind of emotions together both grief and joy.I am convinced that the family can develop only with a loving woman, with a woman who respect and value her man.If you think the same then I am open to the best relationship in order to create together strong amazing family. I feel sophisticated and extraordinary lady whose life is filled with the passionate aspiration to beauty as all Space Laws correspond to beauty. I am particularly interested in fashion, theater and music. I do not only admire with beauty but I also create it. I am a hairdresser. It is more a hobby, then a job for me. Making people more beautiful is the way to express my emotions and to share my talent. I am hunger for knowledge and new interesting things that is why I often go to master classes, where I can meet some exciting people and attend new beautiful places.Above all I aspire to find cheerful men who fully enjoys his live. My soul mate is stable, he is caring, gentle and loving, he is my fortress after all. Healthy lifestyle makes my life brighter, more interesting and gives me many opportunities. In that context, I welcome the same opinion of my men about it. And one more important thing for me is to spend free time with me woman that you love.So lets make each other's life full of true emotions and pleasant events.I'm no longer looking for a prince on a white horse, now I want to meet the king of my heart. "

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