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8286 Irina

Birthdate:28 September, 1979








Employment:private practice

Language:fluent English, good French

Irina from Kiev, Ukraine. Active and smily single

"Feminine appearance, very young-looking, natural beauty and charm, sophisticated, elegant, good sense of style, tender and very feminine, as well as passionate and emotional. Also I am very smart and witty, and very well educated.I always develop myself, care about my personal growth, like to receive new knowledge. My life values are: respect, responsibility, inner freedom, optimism, fidelity, love, relationships, family, comfort, prosperity, health (physical and psychological), beauty, harmony, constant self-development, personal growth, following my life mission, social recognition. I have multiple interests and I adore to study and develop my personality!!! I want to study a lot!!!History archeology (maybe to have university Master degree), psychoanalysis, coaching (I want to have international certificate), yacht skipper courses, horse-riding, archery, fencing; floristry.I am not a fan of sport (professional trainings or gym). I have good genetics, so I am fit and slim anyway. But I practice time to time yoga, stretching and dancing. I am really very happy woman! I have everything! But what I dream about is to find one and only MAN of my life, live together in love and harmony (physical, emotional, mental, psychological, energetic harmony), share our happiness and go together hand in hand into our happy future! "

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