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8296 Anna

Birthdate:03 March, 1984








Employment:sales manager

Language:good English

Anna from Kharkov, Ukraine. Cheerful and active single

I can say that I am a classic woman and I like what is called women's work. I would highlight that I really love nature and animals. If there are two options to spend time in a noisy city or go to a quiet place in nature, I would always choose nature. Speaking about my inner world, I can call myself a kind person, I am 50/50 an extrovert / introvert. What does it mean? Always after noisy companies, I need privacy. Often, I see things philosophically and I really appreciate intelligence in people, and the desire for self-development. In relationships, I need mutual understanding, honesty, openness and discussion of everything that worries me or my beloved. I think that I can accept people for who they are and I think that this is one of the main things a relationship - when one spouse gives the partner to be himself or herself, gives freedom to do what he or she likes. I like trying new things, learning new. At this period of my life I study English, I am fond of psychology, history, I like to read. As for activities I like cycling, playing volleyball. I am that kind of person who enjoys cooking and cleaning the house. I want to be with a man in whom I will see these three qualities. Kindness, it is the most important thing, because I live with love in my heart, even if there are bad events in the world. I appreciate openness and sincerity. Whoever you are, please be sincere with me. :) And the third is humor and self-irony. I'm not as serious in life as it might seem at first sight. I mean, I'm funny))

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