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8464 Svitlana

Birthdate:04 March, 1977


Children:daughter 2000




City:Saint Petersburg, Russia


Employment:stock trader

Language:English, French, basic Arabic

Svitlana from Saint Petersburg, Russia, Ukraine.  divorced

My family is an essential part of my life. My mother is a retired engineer who now spends most of her time being a beloved grandmother. My brother is a successful entrepreneur who lives and works in the Siberian region. I have an adult daughter who is completely independent. When it comes to my character, I am sweet, kind, open, responsive, funny, optimistic, reliable, organized, and confident. My hobbies include interior design, real estate, innovation in science and technology, and classical music. I enjoy all types of cuisine as long as it is made with fresh and healthy ingredients. I also like to cook homemade grilled food on weekends. In my free time, I play tennis, do running and physical exercises with devices at home, and drive an electric car. I do not smoke, do not mind light alcohol on occasion and in good company. I value traditional family values, mutual understanding, and respect. Health and safety of family members, absolute cleanliness in the house are my priorities. However, I am against having pets at home and pay great attention to education and parenting. When it comes to my perfect vacation, I prefer a combination of active and passive rest, relaxation and doing nothing, the sun, sea and sand, new cities and attractions, fresh air, and walks. I have no specific musical preferences, but I usually do not listen to pop music. As for movies, I enjoy watching both new films and classics. Looking ahead, I aim to devote maximum time to myself and my future husband. I believe my partner should have his private space, and I would like to have such a privilege too. I am open to living in different parts of the world and think we may have a few houses. For instance, I like resort areas of the United States, where there is a large community from different countries. In five years, I see myself with someone who loves and respects me, taking care of our children, parents, home, and family capital. When it comes to my ideal partner, age does not matter, but I prefer a tall man over 183 cm. I would be delighted to accept my partner's children. I am interested in meeting someone who is smart, kind, polite, sensual, with a Slavic or European appearance type. I would consider candidates from different countries of the world.

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